infiNetix supports organizations in their road to assessing existing business processes to identify improvements that will enhance the organization’s performance. Our approach ensures the participation of all stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive evaluation and the development of integrated solutions. A comprehensive approach supports a well rounded evaluation that can bring the appropriate technologies and tools to support the improved processes.
When it comes to Business Process Improvement there is no lack for effective and proven approaches to follow in the evaluation and development process, including the integration with today’s Agile concepts for project management
InfiNetix will use an approach that best fits the customer’s project needs and that leverages from today’s generally accepted methodologies. We adopt a process that conceptually follows commonly defined phases for an assessment and improvement of business processes.

Business Process Improvement

The initial stages, once a team of key stakeholders has been assembled, is to proceed with discovery and analysis of the processes targeted for improvements. These activities highlight potential improvements such that newly envisioned processes can be created to yield efficiencies for the organization. Key steps follow in the planning and implementation for the newly redesigned processes. These not only take advantage of current technologies and tools, but also take into consideration the organizational change that will be required for effective implementation. Once in place these improvement are continuously monitored and optimized to ensure their maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

The organization is not a static entity and as slight changes occur the improved processes must keep pace. As part of the solutions we leverage our other services (e.g., Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, etc.) to provide comprehensive and integrated benefits to the organization.

Business Process Improvement

Microsoft Power Platform – No Code/Low Code Software Development

infiNetix are experts at using Microsoft’s integrated application system for no or low-code Enterprise Apps to quickly build applications using Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. Organizations can integrate with existing systems to automate processes, improve data insight, and empower employees to do more.

Our team can provide consulting, training, and added functionality on an existing Office 365 system, or we can start from the basics to provide a unique custom platform solution.

Why ServiceNow for IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

ServiceNow allows organizations to automate the end-to-end lifecycle for software licenses, hardware assets, and cloud—all on one platform.

One platform – one data model – one architecture

ServiceNow enables IT Asset Management including key applications to manage software licenses, hardware assets, and cloud resources.

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