Data Analytics

Are you planning to implement a data solution or completely revamp the existing one? We design cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions that convert your big data into actionable insights. That is what we’ll provide you with:
Cloud Solutions

Detailed roadmap for 3, 5 or 7 years that defines the steps you should take to get strategic, tactical, and quick wins through big data-powered operational, customer, business process and fraud detection analytics

Recommendations on how to manage the quality of data.

An implementation strategy and a plan.

A list of possible challenges related to big data implementation and the ways to solve them.

A user adoption strategy.

A high-level architecture with the suggested technology stack.

A proof of concept
(for complex projects).

Data Science Process

Gather data from relevant sources
Clean data to formats that machine understands
Find significant patterns and trends using statistical methods
Construct models to predict and forecast
Put the results into good use

Data Improvement

If you are not completely satisfied with your existing data solution, we create your individual improvement roadmap. By doing so, we eliminate the existing problems (both the obvious ones that you inform us of and the hidden ones that we elicit based on our experience). The new concept design is intended to maximize your analytics potential. For example, we can recommend incorporating data science to enable advanced analytics or adding reports that give extra insights.

Integration Solutions & Management

API Lifecycle Management

Having an API Strategy and the right API platform are critical to thriving in today’s digital economy. infiNetix will help build your strategy and manage the full API lifecycle with MuleSoft. We are an authorized partner and have several certified developers and architects to ensure your Integrations are secure and implemented correctly

Certified Partner
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